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I am, true to the title of this forum, a highly pissed off consumer!Some quick background: I am a slightly overweight 44-year-old man, nothing too serious but enough that my physician has recommended I shed just a few pounds.

I saw an ad for a Web site called which claimed to offer natural weight-loss procedures, which sounded promising to me. The Web site is the front for the clinic of Shekhar Challa, a "doctor" whose treatments not only failed to help me lose ANY weight but has made me feel queasy and extremely unhealthy ever since taking it.

Shekhar Challa is a fraud and a scam artist doctor, and I am considering a class action lawsuit against the practice.Highly advised: STAY AWAY from this racketeering scheme!

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I don't agree with GordyMcD, I personally know Dr. Challa and he do not treat obesity and do not treat patients for weight loss. Some times some competitors post such false information on internet.


Dr.Shekhar Challa has been with Kansas Medical Clinic for over 20 years and is its President.

He is a Board Certified Gastroenterologist. Kansas Medical Clinic and Dr. Challa do not treat obesity and do not treat patients for weight loss. Therefore, whoever posted this information posted a falsehood with no basis in fact.

Such postings or the republication of any such postings can lead to legal action.

Kansas Medical Clinic Administration

Roseville, California, United States #242578

Hello, I wanted to offer a follow-up to my post and fill out some of the details, for anyone who is curious. I urge residents of Topeka, in particular, to be aware of this scam artist doctor, Shekhar Challa, and to make sure to avoid his dangerous practice, the Kansas Medical Clinic, at all cost.

Background: I am a slightly overweight fellow and began looking at all of the different rapid weight loss pills that are on the market, hoping to find one that I felt would be safe to use. As you can imagine, there are a LOT of these products out there, but one of them really stood out to me. Slim180 is advertised as an all-natural supplement, which sounded to me like it couldn't do much harm.

Further research revealed that the product is tied to a local Topeka physician named Shekhar Challa, who founded and still runs the Kansas Medical Clinic. I consulted him and he told me the medicine was safe and effective.

It is neither of those things; the product simply does not work. In fact, Slim180 made me violently ill, almost as soon as I took it, and the sickness lasted for more than a week. I was vomiting constantly, was always feeling queasy, and basically just felt like the supplement had done terrible, major damage to my system.

Naturally, I am infuriated. I am planning a class action lawsuit. I want to make sure everyone in Topeka knows to avoid the scam artist doctor Shekhar Challa and his Kansas Medical Clinic practice. It exists at all of the following locations:

Kansas Medical Clinic

KMC Pathology Laboratory

2921 SW Wanamaker Drive

Topeka, Kansas 66614

(785) 272-6860 • (785) 272-5839 fax

Kansas Medical Clinic

Neurological Medical Plaza

2200 SW 6th Ave, Suite 107

Topeka, Kansas 66606

(785) 354-9300 • (785) 233-4669 fax

Kansas Medical Clinic

Shawnee Dermatology Clinic

American Dermatology Associates

6333 Long Ave. Suite 360

Shawnee, KS 66216

(913) 631-6330 • (913) 631-6222 fax

Kansas Medical Clinic

Topeka Dermatology Clinic

2921 SW Wanamaker Drive

Topeka, Kansas 66614

(785) 272-6860 • (785) 272-5839 fax

Kansas Medical Clinic

Gastroenterology Medical Plaza

2200 SW 6th Ave, Suite 104

Topeka, Kansas 66606

(785) 354-8518 • (785) 354-1255 fax

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